Casa In Toscana


Villa Deruta

"Villa Deruta" (a big country villa with a swimming pool) stands on the hills less than one kilometre away from the small town of Deruta, which is known worldwide for its art pottery production. Once you go through the electric gate you will be fascinated by the ancient stone church which stands beside the villa.

The pool (8x16m wide and 1- 2.5m deep) is located about 15-20 metres from the villa. Near the pool, there is a dressing room with a bathroom and a shower that can be used by guests. There is another building next to the pool which is used only by the owner who is very respectful of the guests' privacy. He sometimes goes to the villa to look after the garden and the pool and see that everything is all right even when the guests are there.

The villa is on the first floor. You can reach it by means of two flights of stairs. You first get into a small living room with a sofa, a fireplace and a table with chairs. Opposite the staircase, there is a small corridor from which you can have access to the bathroom with a shower and to a double bedroom. To the right of the small living room, there is kitchen with an oven, a cooker, a fridge, a freezer and a dishwasher. From the kitchen you can have access to a room, with a big American fridge, which guests can use as a pantry.

To the left of the above said living room, there is the large main living room where there is Sat TV, a big pellet stove, sofas, two wooden tables with chairs and a big fireplace.

At the end of this living room, there is a door leading to a large double bedroom with a double bed, a wardrobe and a single bed. Near the big pellet stove, there are two French windows leading to the portico with a long table with chairs.

Through another door (in the middle of this large living room) you can get to a corridor where you can find, in the following order: a double bedroom with a canopy and with an access to the above said portico; a large bathroom with a tub and a shower; an en suite bedroom (with tub and a shower) with a double bed and a twin bed.